Opening Up

Hey there,

I took a yoga class the other day at the kind of studio with plates of prepared fruit and instructors that are supernaturally friendly. Obviously I loved it. And the instructor talked a lot about winter and how we spend so much time rushing around, hunched over. All my Midwestern friends know the look…when your shoulders hurt hurt hurt and you do the mental recall of when you last lifted weights and you realize…nope, no weights. Just a lot of bitter cold.

It makes you hunch. It closes you in. Emotionally, socially, physically.

And that hippie-dippy stuff the instructor was saying suddenly made a lot of sense. Because there I was, missing writing here. But simultaneously wanting to close off and protect the little world I was building each day. Happily figuring things out and getting into my own rhythms as a woman in this city. Finally working, finally settling, suddenly felt like a task best done alone. And letting that 5 PM darkness signify an end to the day. A time to rest…to just be.

…and now the weather has been warming, blossoms have been blooming, trees will be green soon and I’ve been itching to write a post.

While I have so many things I could record…my job, a honeymoon in Thailand, trips to Philadelphia and DC, my mother’s visit, fostering two puppies…the list goes on.

For now I’ll start by doing a good chest stretch (the antidote to all that hunching) and simply say “hello, friends. I missed ya.”

Aren’t you so glad it’s spring?


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