Just Don’t Block the Sidewalk

My mom is coming to visit in March! I am very excited and it will be here before I know it. With that in mind, we had a discussion about what to pack and my mom expressed a desire to “not look like a tourist”. I know the feeling well. Selemon and I are planning a trip right now and I too want to be prepared and fit in. That said, when my mom hesitated about looking like a tourist I didn’t think about shoes or coats. My only thought was to mutter “just don’t block the damn sidewalk”.

Because really no one cares what you’re wearing or doing. We only start to care when you suddenly stop in the middle of the sidewalk. Ugh, that’s the worse. Or blocking the stairs to the subway. Or walking in big groups and therefore taking up the whole sidewalk. Basically, just don’t get in the way.

And that reminded me of this fantastic GIF guide to NYC. I can’t paste it all here, but click this link to be taken to a very thorough (and adorable) rundown of all the things you should know before an arrival in the big city.


One thought on “Just Don’t Block the Sidewalk

  1. Linnae Grabner-Hegg (Mom) says:

    Ugh! You know I’m going to block the sidewalk! It’s what I dooooooo. Thanks for the tip and I’ll try to be mindful of where I stop while I try to figure out where I am and where I’m going. Possibly a nice New Yorker will stop and help me and I’ll find out that the very nice, helpful, New Yorker is actually from Minnesota.

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