It’s Official!

After two months of waiting on grant money, subcontracts, and signatures to travel between the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation, Columbia University, and NYU, the signature I was most waiting for, mine, on an offer letter finally happened. After a very thorough medical exam, I was declared immune to all the right things (thanks for the chicken pox, big sister), absent of the bad things (TB), and finally cleared to officially join the NYU College of Pediatric Dentistry.

Big sigh of relief and a very hearty gulp of champagne.

After sitting in on some meetings this week and meeting all my lovely coworkers, I will *officially* begin Monday…as in tomorrow.

It feels really good to know I’ll have a paycheck with my name on it. And more importantly, because I am a human and humans need community, it just feels good to have an ID where my name and face share space with the logo of a well-respected institution.

It’s easy to forget how necessary it is just to feel like you’re accepted and a part of something. These past 6 months have been a really big lesson in that. A lesson on what it takes to feel happy and content and whole.

And I gotta say, by the end of my unemployed time, I had gotten pretty good at it. I now consider myself excellent company, more so than I ever have before. Maybe its age, maybe its a result of necessity, but I’m glad that comfort with me is here.

I had promised you all I’d share it from the rooftops, so here I am on my proverbial rooftop, announcing my gainful employment. Now I must absolutely thank you all for your support and encouragement while I was in the dumps, I super appreciate the love that was sent my way. I know work isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, far from it, but I am looking forward to being on the other side for a bit.

Happy almost Monday…


2 thoughts on “It’s Official!

  1. Linnae Grabner-Hegg (Mom) says:

    I will look forward to your posts of doing life in NYC as a gainfully employed person. I expect new pictures along the route to work, of a new working wardrobe and the joys of navigating whatever transportation you need to take to get to work. And there should be stories of lunches out or lunches in , even lunches skipped, cute kids you work with and how weekends have a whole new meaning now. Please, don’t stop writing!

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