Friends, I have been in a funk lately.

Which keeps me from writing on here because I don’t want to sound all gloomy for all the internet to read. But you know, we all get in funks so lets just accept that, give a hug to the world, and move on, amiright?

I don’t know what it is either. I’m annoyed Christmas is here already. Which is bizarre because I normally LOVE Christmas.  I’m feeling really flustered by how quickly I have to buy presents (which is a stressful endeavor in itself) and get them all shipped and get our Christmas cards out even though the special stamps I ordered are still stuck out in San Jose, CA. etc etc etc. I’ve had all this time, but somehow I’m still caught off guard. How is that even possible?

As far as holiday cheer goes, would it be too much to ask for a little bit of snow over here, New York? One night we got some flurries that immediately melted upon hitting the ground. A childhood in the Midwest doesn’t allow me to feel like its Christmas without a solid 2 feet of white muffling all this noise and stress into a magical, quieter version of the world.

In the meantime I have been finding new things to love about New York. Andy Dwyer visited this past weekend and reported that my blog posts give the impression that I don’t love it here too much. And honestly, its complicated, but I really do. In fact, the night before he arrived I had typed up a whole post called “Love Letter” in which I listed all of the wonderful things that I adore about this city but I saved as a draft. The list keeps growing and always feels unfinished. I’ll hit publish soon though, I promise.

But today I keep thinking about three particular things I adore about this city, so I’ll start small and share those:

1. The Strand bookstore is filled with the tallest bookshelves. When you need a book beyond what your tippy toes can reach the staff shrug and say to grab a ladder.  I go there on quiet nights when I want the company of books and drag my ladder through the stacks, climbing up when compelled and feeling like a badass, book-seeking, adventurer.

2. The subway can take you wherever. I can get on the subway and go to Queens or maybe the far stretches of Brooklyn? So much is within reach and that thrills me.

3. Today, due to my funk, I am going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Admission is based on a suggested donation so today I’ll be cheap and just pay $5 and spend the afternoon wandering through art because that always pulls me out of a bad mood. And the simple fact that I can cure a bad mood by wandering uptown and looking at some of the best art in the world is just stupid amazing. I promise I’ll never stop realizing how amazing it is.

I hope you all are enjoying the holidays and for my family- I’ll see you next week!


One thought on “Lately

  1. Linnae Grabner-Hegg (Mom) says:

    The ten inches we received in early November has melted, but we were graced with another four inches so it will be white at the lake at least. In the Twin Cities, I hear that Christmas may be brown there too. But we can always hope for that magical Christmas Eve snowfall that starts shortly after leaving the candlelight church service and goes on all through the night with soft blanket of white greeting us Christmas morning. Anyway…that’s how my Christmas snow fantasy goes. We can’t wait to see you. Your bed under the stairs is all ready for you!

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