Pounding that Pavement

There is one thing that I can unequivocally say New York is the best place for: walking aimlessly

Well aimlessly might be an unfair description. The purpose of these city explorations can be: to avoid boredom, to listen to music and feel inspired and alive, to people watch, to discover a new (to me) neighborhood, to look at other people’s dogs, to lurk at other people’s children, to escape the presence of my fridge in which leftover enchiladas will not stop taunting me, to get a warm cup of coffee, to simply move.

See? Quite a few lovely aspects from these walks. And they have become my absolute favorite pastime.

Only downside: The soles of my boots (which I JUST had resoled) are already cracking. Consistent pounding of hard pavement is not what most shoes are made for, I’ve discovered.

These walks give me time to get outside our apartment, to explore, to breathe crisp air, to take full advantage of this amazing, electric city. I never love New York more than when I’m simply walking through it. Taxis are slow, jerky, sometimes smelly endeavors. Subways are underground and stale. But walks….walks are where the life is.

I’ve learned that the difference between an amazing day and a bad one is the simple decision to put on some jeans, a pair of boots, a cozy scarf and walking out the door with my headphones.

Now I’ll share some pictures of my recent jaunt across the Williamsburg bridge, which was the last Lower Manhattan bridge I hadn’t yet traversed via foot. I had initially walked out the door with no direction, but found my way here. It was a gorgeous 68* day and on the walk back into Manhattan the sun set. Oh my goodness, did that sun set in the most beautiful way.

Thanksgiving 034

Thanksgiving 038

Thanksgiving 041

Thanksgiving 042

Thanksgiving 044

Thanksgiving 052

Thanksgiving 069 Thanksgiving 066

Thanksgiving 068

Thanksgiving 061 Thanksgiving 065Thanksgiving 072


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