Big Apple Cider

This week we’re in a cold snap, but until Monday we were still frolicking around in 50 and 60* weather. Leaves were turning and holding hot coffee in my hands became a new hobby. I’ve taken a billion pictures, with a good amount posted on Instagram, so if you follow me there you might want to skip this post. There will be a lot of repeats. Gorgeous repeats though 🙂 

fall 227

I’ll never get enough of Washington Square Park

fall 230

fall 189

Jessica is a teacher and had Veteran’s Day off so we took a ferry to Ikea. I wrote about it earlier, but here are some pictures

fall 191 fall 195 fall 197

I remember when Ikea came to Minneapolis. It was a huge deal, this foreign, Scandinavian behemoth setting up shop. We explored each little nook of the “apartments” and marveled at the Scandinavian ingenuity of installing shelves upon shelves and hidden shoe holders. It all seemed so foreign, so exotic to live in small spaces.

Then I moved to Manhattan.

Suddenly the square footage signs hit very close to home and the whole experience of Ikea shifted from a museum-like exhibit of far-away habitats to a very real exercise in how to live. Another transition for the books.

fall 200

The return trip to Manhattan

fall 220

Jess and I asked some strangers to take our picture. It was a perfect fall night. 
fall 235

I’ve been very slowly easing back into running. Very slow and steady. This means I get to take more pictures in pretty morning light.

fall 238

Aren’t these trees lined up like pretty ladies all dressed up in their fall colors? Looking good, girls

fall 271

The picture above is from “The Hive”, which is a brunch get-together organized by Feminist Dialogues. Basically, I spent a Saturday morning in a strangers apartment with a bunch of strangers talking about Masculinity, the topic of the month. It was sometimes awkward but mostly really great. I spend a lot of time meeting strangers from the internet, which is also known as “making friends” and “building community”. It always starts with a bit of trepidation but I leave feeling better, exhilarated, and a little more loved.

fall 275

Do you guys know how we do parking lots in NYC?

fall 269

Sunday morning walks. Selemon always sleeps in so I walk over to the coffee shop hoping they’ll have a discarded issue of the NYTimes, because those suckers are expensive. Last weekend was a bust on the newspaper front, but I brought my Kindle along and got a seat, so I considered it a success.

fall 298

Ugh this park breaks my heart with gorgeous

fall 327

Morning run part 2

fall 332

The carpet of yellow leaves gave me flashbacks to the Wizard of Oz.

fall 366

And now, in the span of a week, some leaves have left. If it means more light bouncing off these buildings, I’m a-ok with it.


One thought on “Big Apple Cider

  1. Linnae Grabner-Hegg (Mom) says:

    I’m still fascinated with living in small spaces, small houses, tiny camper trailers. Maybe I just need to live in New York.

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