Store Opening Adventures

Being unemployed has many downsides, and just a few positives. Today, we will put on our “optimisitc hats” and discuss one of the main benefits: free time during the day. While financial restraints are keeping me from transforming into a full-out lady who lunches, I do still manage to enjoy the perk.

Yesterday I was chilling at home, per usual, when I saw that a new store was opening in Soho, which is quite close to me. It’s called & Other Stories, and is a sister brand to H&M. Their clothes are made of higher quality materials such as wool and silk but they have that same fashion forward vibe of H&M. After checking the store out, they remind me a lot of Zara, and you can see their online store here.

So I headed over to a sign taped to the back door that they were opening at 12. It was pretty close to 12 so I looped around to the front of the building and saw a line and a lot of eager staff.

store opening 094Oh okay. So this is a big deal. I had nothing else going on and this suddenly seemed like quite the event so I shuffled into line. There were super enthusiastic employees going through the line and handing out expensive chocolates to “give us energy as we shopped”. Chocolate is always an incredible bonus for standing in a line and I was pretty stoked about the whole thing. Little did I know that as I walked through the door…..we would all get presents! What?!?! I really didn’t know that was a “thing” at store openings so I was THRILLED. My shopping budget for non-grocery items is zero (again, unemployment downsides) making this extra exciting. As we walked through the door all the managers and staff were gathered there looking so excited, people were taking pictures. I actually felt special just because I had enough free time in the middle of the day to stand in a line for 10 minutes and walk into a store. It was sort of bizarre, in a very good way.

I didn’t end up buying anything for obvious reasons, but the clothes really are super adorable and I plan to come back when I have some disposable income.

But I am very, very pleased to show you my free swag!

store opening 097

As we walked in the door they handed us each this tote bag with these goodies inside! The tote bag is super big and sturdy. Without a car, tote bags are an everyday item to schlep your things around town, so this is fantastic. They had different colors too.

store opening 103

A black leather clutch! I love that this is small but not too thin, so you can actually fit everything you need. And its leather! This clutch retails for $120, so this was a lovely surprise!

store opening 105 store opening 106

I’m sure it will get a lot of use! And they just handed this to me. Who does that?!?

store opening 104

Next up: these earrings. At first I was bummed and wondered if each tote had different ones, but now I love these. Once I tried them on, I saw how cool they looked, which is great, because I never would have picked these up otherwise. The dangly part hangs behind your ear, and the front geometric peg can be worn alone, as I did last night. These retail for $29

store opening 109

These are the fancy, paleo, Brooklyn made chocolate bars they were handing out. I’ve tried both and they are delicious!

store opening 111

Cute note!

store opening 112

The tote again. I apparently already smudged the mint, and should have stuck with the black version as a true New Yorker.

Overall it was a super cool experience and I was so pleased to get these gifts!  I will definitely be hitting up more store openings now…


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