David Lebovitz in Brooklyn!

We left off after Thursday night but there was a whole weekend left for fun! Friday morning we were all off to a very slow start. However, we eventually regained vitality through bagel sandwiches and walking right past Micheal Cera. Then, another nap.

A few days earlier I was ecstatic to see that a favorite author and chef, David Lebovitz was in the United States! He is American but has lived in Paris for the past decade or two (I’m not entirely sure how long it has been) He had posted a few pictures on instagram from around the city, and was in fact doing a book signing event. If you’re unfamiliar, this is David’s blog. I fell in love with him through his book The Sweet Life in Paris which chronicles his adventures moving from San Francisco to Paris. For our wedding we were lucky enough to receive two of his cookbooks, Ready for Dessert and My Paris Kitchen. While I enjoy his stories he comes across as a bit sarcastic and Parisian in his writing, I was blown away by how insanely nice and smiley he was. He seemed genuinely thrilled that we were all there to see him. So charming!

Brooklyn Kitchen went all-out hosting the event. They were serving rose wine, duck fat cookies, lamb meatballs, and an assortment of other goodies (all recipes from his book). The entire experience was far above my expectations! It was hard to get good pictures of the event itself, but I’ll still share what I have.

aziz 099

You guys, it was pretty nerdy how excited I was to be meeting him! Here I am posing outside the store. Photo cred and all around good-sport: Ashley

aziz 100 aziz 109

Serving the very tasty treats. And below begins my series titled: Becoming Besties

aziz 102 aziz 103 aziz 104

Hahahahaha I was terribly charming and we walked away exchanging numbers! Well, not really, but I think we did hit if off. Actually, that’s still not true. He seemed to find every single person at that event charming and delightful and it didn’t come off as one bit un-authentic. Again, way nicer than I could have imagined.

aziz 105

And above is a cheesy photo that I find incredibly not flattering but I’m including it because it’s good for your vanity to share not-attractive photos of yourself on the internet. Builds character or something.

aziz 110

Ashley and I! She was such an awesome companion for our adventures all weekend!

aziz 113

The event was held on the top floor of a market and kitchen equipment store. The market downstairs was filled with incredibly interesting and pretty produce!

aziz 116

They had cheddar cauliflower! What?!?!?! I hope it tastes like cheese, but I’m guessing it doesn’t so I purposely didn’t try anyway. I’d rather not crush my dreams.

After the book event Ashley and I had dinner at a delightful Thai restaurant followed by wandering around Cobble Hill, an incredibly cute neighborhood. It’s filled with famlies and brownstones. Gorgeous. I may or may not return to that neighborhood to watch a Halloween parade for little kids that was being advertised. Probably too creepy, but I’ll see how I’m feeling that day.

aziz 118

The next morning was rainy and dreary when we set off for brunch. Ashley and I both decided that rainy and dreary is the perfect backdrop for exploring the Lower East Side. The cloudy hues just match the sort of rough-around-the-edges vibe of that neighborhood. We eventually found a tasty Israeli brunch that I forgot to photograph. Ashley soon returned home and I spent the afternoon snuggled up with my wonderful, very tired, husband. That night we needed to eat, so we went up to Koreantown to meet friends for Korean BBQ. I’ve never had Korean BBQ before and it was fantastic!

aziz 124

They grill your food in front of you, so you sit in these recessed tables with the grill in the middle. It was a bit awkward getting seated, but once you were in, it was quite comfortable.

aziz 128

The grill with the side dishes they serve you.

aziz 132

Delicious marinated beef. It was really delicious, super filing, and quite healthy! Plus, it was good to catch up with Aman and Jess while trying something new!

So that was the rest of our weekend. Thanks for following along 🙂


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