Worth 2 Thousand Words

Well hello there family and friends who take time out of your day to see what I’m up to! Thank you for stopping by! šŸ™‚

I’m going to share a few photos I’ve taken around the city lately

lately 262

I was walking through Chelsea, a nearby neighborhood and it was extra pretty šŸ™‚

lately 266 lately 277

A cool, fall morning in Washington Square Park. It’s still not “crisp” here consistently, but we’re getting there…

lately 302

Selemon and I, and some of our friends, ended up at this cool dive bar in the W Village. The bartender is from Bloomington!

lately 313

Eating BBQ at Mighty Quinns šŸ™‚

lately 326

Enjoying the Plaza on a very lovely morning walk to Central Park. I miss my runs terribly so I still take the train up to explore new parts of Manhattan, just at a slower pace.

lately 328

Leaves aren’t changing color yet, but can you imagine when they do?

lately 336

Cool enough for a scarf and a latte from a very cute French cafe on the Upper East Side šŸ™‚

lately 341

Oh hello, part of Central Park I’ve never stumbled upon before! All those people row-boating are adorable!

lately 346

Not gonna lie, the view was super spectacular

lately 354

I was having serious flashbacks to my favorite scene in the Little Mermaid

Yup, pretty much exactly the same.

lately 376

I was standing in a relatively short line at Whole Foods the other day when I realized you all have probably never seen this whole check-out process. People in New York do lots of small grocery runs. We have smaller fridges and we have to lug them further. There are also way too many people in this city so this is what check out looks like. I don’t work during the day so I purposely go during “off” hours and it still looks like this. Basically, you get in a line, all of which have a colored arrow above. There is then a screen that flashes a number for each color as checkout stations become available.

lately 378

There’s a closer shot of the screen. So right now whoever is standing in the yellow “lane” goes to checkout 22. Pretty simple right? Don’t ever mess up what number you have. I’ve done it once and I believe it is something you make damn sure you never do again. Turning to the people behind you and asking “did you see what number that was?” is not a way to make friends…

lately 379

I bought new weights yesterday and then carried them 18 blocks home. The whole time I was fantasizing about car-ownership.

lately 406

I had an interview today so I washed my hair and put on nice clothes!

lately 414

It’s been 2 full months in NY and I still haven’t had a black and white cookie. There was a deli next to my interview spot so I treated myself to one afterwards. It was pretty meh and I ended up throwing half away. Don’t worry, I’ll give a different one another shot.

The news is saying we’re having a storm tonight! Selemon is working on a big project right now and has been coming home super late so I’ll curl up with some pillows and turn on that white noise machine. Night, loves!


2 thoughts on “Worth 2 Thousand Words

  1. Linnae Grabner-Hegg says:

    How did you find out the bartender was from Bloomington? Did you guys hone in on each other’s Minnesota accent? Did someone let an “uffda” fly? Ya, sure. I betcha that’s what happened!

    • I said something sweet and considerate, as I do, and Selemon said I was being “too Minnesotan” which the bartender heard and said “hey!” and then we started talking. She didn’t go to Jefferson- is that the one dad went to? And then she did college at the UofM. Small world! She said that a lot of the bars and restaurants along that street had Minnesotans working there šŸ™‚

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