Alright alright alright

I told myself I would never apologize for gaps in blogging. But, if I’m being honest (and I am) I do feel a bit sorry. I personally hate it when you want updates and they.just.aren’t.there. And I’ve been here. Putzing along and generally happy.

On Monday morning I took a train to Philly. Juliene’s parents are coming for a long visit so I helped with a few decor related projects but mostly hung out and enjoyed the company of my awesome sister-in-laws.

On Wednesday morning I baked an apple pie (Juliene’s Dad’s favorite) and boarded a train back to New York. 

I always love my visits to Philly. Juliene and Sofya treat me like a doted-upon little sister and agree to whatever type of food I want to order (pizza, duh) and are all-around awesome, generous hosts. 

It did feel good coming home to New York though. Which is a wonderful sign, because if you can leave as much love as those two and still feel alright things are good, you know?

While in Philly I upgraded my phone and here’s a video I took on the way home. I had to test out my fancy new features. (*note, awesome video not currently working. darn)

Selemon has been working like crazy this week and will be for the next three weeks as a deal progresses. For perspective, he came home at 4:15 AM last night, immediately logged on and worked from home until 5 AM, slept until 8:30 and went back to work. Pobrecito looked so tired this morning.

I had some good calls this week with potential employers, which is great. I really am antsy to start working. hard.

In the meantime life is okay though. I miss my morning runs so I’ve been morning walking (short walks, of course) and staying busy by hanging Halloween decorations around the apartment.

Life is overall alright alright alright, but I still find myself lacking the emotional wherewithal to articulate the complicated web of feels that manifest throughout the day. But really I could sum them up. Generally I’m happy. Here I’ll list all the things I have to feel good about:
  1. Selemon and I are learning how to be better partners to each other as we live together.
  2. I’m feeling loved by my friends, for example Ashley Thomas (along with her sister) made a quick visit this weekend which warmed my heart enough to last at least a month.
  3. I am able to buy delicious berries when they aren’t in season thanks to the magic (or waste?!) of commerce. It’s the small (juicy) things.
  4. I feel supported by those I love and even loose acquaintances, which is sort of everything, right?
  5. The amount of time I hesitate figuring out if I’m headed Uptown or Downtown in the subway is shrinking everyday.
  6. As of Monday evening, my brother who was deployed to the Republic of Georgia is back in the States with his lovely wife.
  7. My beloved sister is 29 years old today! Yay, Lindsey, Happy Birthday!!! You’re my favorite (only) Chickabee in the whole world and I love you so much!
  8. I’m still having mild panic attacks on the subway when it sputters/stops/does anything, but it feels a bit better.
  9. Lindsey sends me videos of 3 year old Landon “hunting” which just consists of him eating lots of snacks while his dad takes video. They are hilarious and heartwarming and the best thing ever. Thank you for sharing joy with me, Marcum family.
  10. Today marks Selemon and my 5 month anniversary. It does not feel like 5 months which is maybe a good thing? Go us!

Okay, and now off to sweet, sweet sleep. Thanks for following along, guys. Thursday I went for a walk and New York seemed extra lovely so I’ve included a few photos from that walk.

*Update, I have cool video and photos that keep crashing the system tonight. So I will attempt to re-post later.


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