Sunset Run

This morning it was raining so my run was postponed to evening.

It turned out to be a very lucky turn of events.

Because the West Side running path delivered the best sunset views. I paused about 10 times on my run to take photos.

Many, many years ago my mom brought my siblings and I to Duluth. There was a gorgeous sunset over Lake Superior and I wanted to take a photo. Instead my mom explained how to take a photo with our minds. To take in the “picture” but also how it feels. To mindfully capture that moment for everything it has to offer.

And the views were offering a lot to remember tonight. And while I can’t transport the feeling, I’ll do my best with some photos.

050 064 066It was mind-blowing-ly beautiful


One thought on “Sunset Run

  1. Linnae Grabner-Hegg says:

    The colors and the boats remind me of the sunrise harbor walk I took by myself in Boston one morning during your wedding week. I didn’t take pictures but absorbed it all in with mind pictures. Because of that experience, when I see your pictures,
    I can imagine the sounds and the true majesty of the sunset. I particularly like the sun bursting between the buildings. It’s a cool picture, but I imagine the real thing was quite stirring.

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