And now, a nap

That well-intentioned, but now dreaded half marathon is coming up and I’m filled with annoyance that I signed up for the damn thing. My 10k last week was really rough and getting my runs in this week has been torture. Yesterday felt like 99* with humidity so I walked and promised I’d long run today.


I woke up. Told myself to at least run 4. Then do 4 more this evening. Split it up.

I walked outside and it felt gloriously…chilly? I guess not “chilly” but it was in the 60s and that, indeed, was amazing.

I begin these runs with very rough ideas of where I’m going and use it as a way to tour the city. I’ve run the Brooklyn Bridge and thought I’d give the Manhattan Bridge a try.

It ended up being a gorgeous day and I had a great run all through Brooklyn.

Thank goodness too, because I was getting a bit depressed about my running funk.

Sometimes you just need one win, you know?

And now, of course, pretty pictures from the bridge

run 026 run 027 run 029 run 032 run 033

I just can’t get over how pretty this city is.


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