A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Yesterday I took the scenic route on my way to get some groceries. It was a beautiful day. Still very warm but not you’re-in-a-sauna humid. I am looking forward to fall, but I certainly didn’t mind all the sunshine. I took some pictures so you could share the experience too! 


This is the street we live on! I think its pretty cute! 


Our other cross street


Now I’ve crossed over Houston (2 blocks South of us) and am in Soho with its classic white fire escapes



I love how each building is completely different 


Officially crossing into the Lower East Side from Soho


Sort of repetitive, but whatever, I just love staring at buildings here


I just liked the tagline. And upon uploading it, I thought it gave you all an accurate display of how women dress here. I really need to up my game. 


That fantastic patch of green on the upper left corner of that building was the cherry on top of  a very cozy street in Soho.


I just found this street corner charming. Does that translate? Does it look charming to you?


Please excuse the white hat. One can only stand in the middle of Broadway taking a picture for about one shot.


 And getting close to home sweet home! This lovely view welcomes me back as I cross Houston back into my neighborhood.

Thanks for following along 🙂 Hopefully this gives you a better idea of where I’m living! 



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