Green Island

When Selemon and I decided we would definitely move to New York I worried a lot about too much concrete. My refrain became “I think I’ll miss trees”.

In a funny reversal of my expectations, I’ve never noticed more trees in my life. In fact, I’ve never been so excited for fall so I can start seeing trees change color. Sure, there is a lot of concrete too, but when trees aren’t everywhere, you notice them more. And that makes them extra pretty.

New York also has wonderful parks. Parks that honest-to-God feel like state parks in the middle of the city. Central Park is certainly the most well known. It’s so huge I need Google Maps to negotiate it. And while it is large and gorgeous, it is smack dab in the middle of Manhattan meaning each view is rimmed with buildings. That view can be great and breathtaking, but it is always filled with tourists and you never quite forget you are, in fact, in the middle of a city.

If you really want to fool yourself head to Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Brooklyn is also very populated but the majority of the neighborhoods surrounding the park are residential, meaning no huge skyscrapers are peering over the trees. You truly forget there are subway stops 5 minutes away.

The under-the-radar status of the park also means it feels more like a community. More families, more diversity.

I’ve spent a few days at Prospect Park. Once with our friends, Jess and Aman and their pup Lucy. The park even has a pond specificially for doggie swimming. Aman and Jess live in the Financial District of Manhattan but Lucy does great on the subway and she happily makes the trek to Brooklyn (where they used to live).

In an attempt to show you how large and wonderful this gem is…pictures


Gorgeous, sunny, summer days


Lucy trying to escape! But I like this picture because it gives you an idea of how much space there is.


Lucy waiting for the subway!

Philly 036

Doesn’t this look like a State Park? Huge and tranquil!

Philly 032Pretty great, right? All this gorgeous is surrounded by community and subway stops. Not out of the way at all. I really think its one of the most incredible things about living in this city.


2 thoughts on “Green Island

  1. Linnae Grabner-Hegg says:

    I’m glad there is opportunity for you to be in green spaces. I think nature soothes the soul. I was wondering how a dog travels on the subway. The picture was helpful. So you’ll be looking for a little dog that fits in a carrier that can be taken on the subway but still sounds and acts like a big dog. Hmm. Oh, and doesn’t cause an allergic reaction. This is a very tall order indeed!

    • Yeah, I put my dog hopes on hold for a bit. Maybe I’ll post on that next. And yes, in Boston you could bring any size dog on the train as long as it wasn’t rush hour but here they need to fit inside a carrier, which pretty much restricts them to below 25 lbs

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