Sister Sister Time

This past week has been filled with family time. Which is the best time. Always. 

Selemon’s sister and her wife live in Philadelphia which is only 1 hour and 20 minutes from Manhattan! They made a big move to Philly this summer so we’re in similar situations as we all try to set up new jobs, find friends, and our community in new cities. And we realized, here we both struggling through the same things right next to each other, so why aren’t we hanging out more? 

So Juliene sweetly booked me my very first Amtrak ticket (people sometimes take pity on you when you’re unemployed) and off I went for my first real trip to Philly! The train was so easy and clean and wonderful. I never want to travel by bus again. Oh my goodness its a world of difference. Their wonderful apartment is in the heart of downtown Philly so I threw on my backpack and walked right over to their apartment. I said hello to the doggies and soon we were off to explore! We visited a museum filled with mosaics, the Liberty Bell, and the old State House. And we had an authentic Cuban lunch with a flight of rum. We might as well fulfill our “Ladies who Lunch” stereotypes, right?

It was a wonderful day and so nice to catch up with Juliene. Being married to siblings and sharing our stories is always interesting and enlightening. And as wonderful as friends are, there is something about being with family that lets you be totally honest. Maybe because they have to love you? And Sofya and Juliene have been the best kind of family. Welcoming, loving, and encouraging as we both figure out how to grow and strengthen our new, little families (they were married about 2 years before us) 

We then had an amazing dinner to celebrate Sofya passing her Boards! Yay! 

The next morning I took the train right back up to the city. Easy Peesy. 

A few days later they made the journey and came up to visit us for the weekend! They were our very first guests, so we frantically cleaned and purchased guest pillows in preparation. In a wonderful, satisfying turn of events, they adored our apartment, which always feels great. 

Juliene loves Broadway and we had the luck to tag along to a Broadway show. We saw Kinky Boots which left me with a burning desire to add a pair of thigh-high sparkle boots to my fall wardrobe. Pretty standard for New York I think.

Overall, it was a really great week and weekend! There was so much packed into the past week it felt like three weeks. By far the most exciting week thus far. Here are some pictures to share the fun…

Philly 012

The train! Look at that space! The cleanliness! The beauty of it all! I officially love you, Amtrak!

Philly 016

Exploring the huge, maze-like, 3-story “Magic Garden” with Juliene

Philly 018

Philly 023

Liberty Bell (which did NOT crack after we declared Independence…it was good to learn the real history of it all!)

Philly 026

State House in the background which reminded me a lot of Boston

Philly 028

The awesome view of Philly from their apartment

run 011

Excited to be seeing Kinky Boots on Broadway! 

run 006

 And now I’ll leave you with this charming, giant portrait of the Obama family which was set up outside of Washington Square Park. You’re so weird, New York, and I love you for that. 


2 thoughts on “Sister Sister Time

  1. Linnae Grabner-Hegg says:

    I’ve read all your blogs now. I’m so glad you are doing this. I should also figure out instagram so that I can see any additional pictures. You write well. It makes me want to blog too.

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