Labor Day 10K

I’m very tired and soon I will be in bed reading or snuggling on the couch watching American Ninja Warrior while my wonderful husband tickles my back (my ideal evening, of course)

But I ran a 10K today and I need to tell you about it! 

The last 10K I ran was a bazillion years ago. It was a Turkey Trot around Lake Harriet (Minnesota! excitement!!!) and I got to run it with my brother who was still in the United States. It was a pretty good race but again, it was forever ago. 

Races are a bit different in NY simply because it follows the cardinal rule of everything in New York: If you want to do something so do a billion other people. There will be lines or chaos and it won’t be easy.

A 10K race was part of my half marathon training and I wanted to try out a NY race before the big one, so I signed up. 

The race ran around Roosevelt Island which is a little, narrow island wedged between Queens and Manhattan. You can take the subway or an air tram to the island. This picture shows the little red air tram. Before this race I didn’t know the island even existed and its such a cool little place! 

Pretty cool, right? The air tram is the same price as taking the subway, but it required a transfer so I skipped it this time. I’ll do it when I can bring my camera along. 

It was a hot, humid day. In fact it felt like the hottest, humid-est day ever. Not going to lie, the race was brutal. Today was very sunny and we ran the perimeter of the entire island where there are no buildings or big trees providing shade. Pure sun blasting down on you. I had a goal pace in mind and after one mile pushing myself my entire head was pulsing with that awful heat-induced headache so I slowed my roll. 

Here I am before the race when I was still happy and not drenched in sweat like a giant salt monsterrun 025And here’s one last picture of the view 

run 018The awesome views didn’t make the race much easier, but I’m still glad I did it. It’s a good reminder how mentally exhausting pushing yourself past comfort can be. I had been focusing much more on the physical side of training, which is only part of the game. I’m ready for the last 5 weeks of training before the half. (and a bit terrified…but trying)


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