On the Way to the Eye Doctor

078 081

Selemon is gainfully employed which means…our little family has insurance!

So Monday afternoon I had an appointment with an eye doctor. They took our insurance and had great Yelp reviews. 

I didn’t realize the eye doctor was located right in the heart of Chinatown.

Their awning was in Chinese. 

I’m not going to lie, I considered turning around. But I thought “what the hell?” and pushed that door open. 

Out of 3 employees I could really only understand 1. Thankfully that one person was the Optometrist so I updated my prescription and picked up some glasses. Success: Lauren!

Walking home, I took some pictures of all the dried seafood being sold on the street. These pictures capture vision but they don’t capture the most important component of this experience: the odor. Let’s just say I was purposely walking behind someone smoking a cigarette. It’s a very hot August. Oh lord. 

Another city experience for the books.



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