New York Favorites: Laundry Day


Today is laundry day. Which means today I put our dirty laundry in a bag and carried it down the street. After 4 PM today the dirty laundry will be transformed into clean, perfectly folded versions of our previously disheveled clothing. 

In Minnesota we always had laundry either in our very own basement or shared for a small apartment building. In Boston I had to rely on a Laundromat for the first time which meant I would haul giant bags of laundry down the street (about 3 blocks…filled with tourists) to spend $4.50 for a wash and $1.00 per 8 minutes of drying. It was expensive and a giant pain in the ass. I would usually do laundry every 3 or 4 weeks because it was such a process. 

But New York.

In New York you pay people to do your laundry which seemed excessively luxurious. I was telling Ashley, my friend who lived in NY before grad school, that Selemon had been sending out his laundry last summer, as if it was an embarrassing luxury and she replied that she had done the same. Now that I’m here I see that everyone drops off their laundry for wash and fold. You’d be crazy not to, but each time it gives me the biggest thrill. 

Basically each street has their own cleaner, and I have yet to see an actual self-serve laundormat so I’m assuming everyone does it this way too (it goes without saying that basically nobody has their own washer/dryer in unit). You just bring your laundry, they place it on a scale and charge $1 per pound. (Some charge more, but this place seems great so far and they only charge $1) We usually have about 19 pounds, meaning $19 for totally clean, folded laundry. 

You guys, its the best thing ever. 

I feel like a queen. It’s probably cheaper than doing it ourselves. They perfectly fold the fitted bottom sheet. These people are laundry geniuses. 

And its definitely one of my favorite parts of city life. This is absolutely not an exaggeration. 087

*There are caveats to this process.We had a previous cleaner who lost two of Selemon’s socks, so we switched. So far I feel good about our cleaner, but I’m also knocking on wood. 


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