“We are young/heartache to heartache/We stand”

One week ago I packed up Boston in a ridiculous frenzy and drove down here, to New York City.  I feel like that milestone is worth a blog post 🙂 

This week a few gorgeous photos popped up on my instagram. They show the gorgeous side of New York, which surely, heart-stoppingly exists. Two days this week ended at Washington Square Park, a magical place where couples sit along the low steps of the fountain, kids play in the water (it seemed ill advised at first, but apparently its what is done here), there is always lovely music and, to remind you that nature exists- fireflies. So that gorgeous picture went on instagram so people could swoon, and hopefully you all did. 
From there it was all downhill. 
Just kidding. Sort of. 
Over margaritas with a friend last night I attempted to re-hash my week at New York. Because, you guys, it was pretty tricky. There was a lot of frustration, waiting, leaving stores empty handed, annoyance over people.everywhere.always. At one point I actually typed into google “how to grocery shop in New York City” because I was surely missing something, and of course, a million articles popped up allowing me to feel, momentarily, a little more justified in this whole mess. And here’s what I came up with. When I would tell New Yorkers about these awful, annoying things that happen (the DMV, awful grocery stores, public restrooms) they would all say, well, yes, that’s why you should just do this “______”. 

In New York, simple things become complicated. The game is just totally different. And I’ve been trying to do everything. New York is a series of battles, with glorious pay-outs, but battles none-the-less. And I have been waking up attempting to fight all the battles. I haven’t learned which ones are worth it and which you just walk away from. So there has been a lot of frustration as I spin my wheels, exert tons of energy, and get no where. 

I think that’s what these first few months will be like. A sometimes painful learning process as I figure out for myself what battles are worth fighting and when you should just order the damn take-out. 

I hear it gets better, and I have no doubt that it will. In the meantime, I’ll be here in the big city, spinning my wheels and hopefully every once in a while, enjoying one of those glorious pay-outs. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to instagram it. 


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