4 things in 4 days

It has now been 4 days that I have called this lovely city home. To mark the occasion, here are 4 tidbits I’ve learned…

1. You really, really don’t want to wear those sandals. Trust me on this. It doesn’t matter how hot it is, your feet will be a toxic waste pit at the end of the day. Keep those babies covered.

2. A billion totes on top of everything is the solution to not giving away all of your possessions. Just most of them. Wardrobe? Put a tote on it. Kitchen cupboard? Put a tote on it. Couch? Put a tote under it. Just so many totes.

3. If you find yourself arguing with your significant other and you don’t feel like storming down 6 flights of stairs (again) go into the bathroom, lock the door, and sit in the cold shower. A shower also makes me infinitely more huggable for the “let’s not fight hug” that I tend to go for.

4. As long as Selemon’s golf clubs are sitting in our closet I feel like I can win any fight about who is taking up more space. So really, I sort of love those golf clubs, like we’re in on something together.

I’m going to go organize some totes now…


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