I’ve been awful

…ly busy? 


No but really, I attempted multiple times to upload pictures from the 4th of July.  It didn’t work and then I just gave up. And you all deserve better. My sincerest apologies. I’ll give you the verbal summary instead. 


Selemon and I traveled (separately from our respective cities, of course) to Minneapolis to spend 5 days with our nearest and dearest. What followed was a trip that involved the most adorable nephews and cousins, a bit of country music (until Selemon staged a coup), Selemon winning father in law approval through giant-fish-catching, fireworks that sprinkled ash on my head, some kayaking, a bit of green jello salad (love you, Minnesota), and the discovery (through camping) that Selemon is sort of afraid of deer attacking in the night, but more importantly, is a wonderful, try-anything husband. 


It was really fantastic. 


And now I find myself at my kitchen table in Boston preparing to spend a night packing up some more possessions. You see, on Saturday at 8 AM I will be in Harvard Square picking up a rental car that has a one-way journey to New York City on its schedule. Which means I have a long night of pack, pack, packing before my last few nights are spent with goodbyes and sweeping views of Boston. 


I really couldn’t be more excited. As much as Boston has been lovely, its also been filled with a lot of really tough self discovery and hard truths and I’m quite frankly ready to see it in my rear view mirror. Onward to New York City we go! 


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