We graduated!

Keeping with our May/June theme of non-stop milestone achievement, we both graduated last month!

My commencement took place exactly two weeks after our wedding, so I didn’t expect any additional family to be there. This turned out to be a serendipitous blessing, as Selemon and I celebrated our first milestone as our own, little family. It felt SO good to look into the crowd and see my husband proudly taking photos. It makes me so warm and content I could burst.

Selemon was next up! Selemon’s parents traveled to Boston and New Hampshire to see the big day, happily expanding our little family by two. It was another gorgeous day and I know I’ll miss those lush mountains surrounding Dartmouth.

Here are a few pictures


The husband and I! It was such a happy day!


Ashley, Jess, and I. I brought my favorite leopard kitten heels 🙂



Now it was Selemon’s turn and he even got his face on a cake! He clearly did something right at grad school.


So handsome I’m melting inside


Selemon and his proud dad


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