First Post!

Today I returned to Boston after a week with family in Minnesota.  And for once, I didn’t drown in a deep wave of loneliness. I did stop and get a burrito before grabbing my baggage so that might have helped.

Minnesota was lovely. I held my baby nephew. My heart exploded when my 2 year old nephew ran through the house yelling Auntie Lo. I ate mashed potatoes (which just aren’t as good when I make them myself), peach crisp, fresh from the garden green beans, and grilled chicken. I drank coffee outside on the porch. I watched the Today show. I met horses that let me pet them. I snuggled dogs. I drank goat milk. I dug up potatoes. I met my sister’s wonderful doula. We talked about placentas.  I camped in a tent with my mom. I saw good friends and celebrated that friendship in the form of a bachelorette party. I swam in two lakes. I taught my nephew to kick in the water. I got a bright, pretty dress to wear to a wedding this weekend.  I met my little brother’s girlfriend whom he loves very, very much.

I had a really perfect time.

And maybe due to all that loveliness I’m feeling really happy with Boston right now. That joy has carried over and allowed me to love both places, even if I’ll always love Minnesota more.


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